Emergency Call : 100

Helpline No : 0721-2551000

Women Helpline No : 1091


Amravati City Police Commissionerate was established in the year 1998 after the bifurcation of Amravati District, Police into Amravati City Police Commissionerate comprising urban areas of Amravati and Amravati Rural District comprising primarily the rural areas of Amravati District. This was done basically to ensure effective Urban Policing. There has been no change in the Revenue district and both the police units form a part of the Amravati Revenue District. Amravati City Police comprises of 2 Talukas namely Amravati and Bhatkuli while the Amravati Rural Police has 12 Talukas.

There are 10 Police Stations in Amravati City namely Frezarpura, Badnera, Nandgaon Peth, Rajapeth, Kotwali, Kolhapuri Gate, Gadge Nagar, Walgaon and Nagpuri Gate, Bhatkuli Out of these 10 Police Stations, Nandgaon Peth, Bhatkuli and Walgaon have substantially rural population but apart from this, the other 7 Police Stations are basically urban in nature. There are a total of 81 Municipal Wards of Amravati Municipal Corporation and there are 63 Gram Panchayats.

Amravati City has a population of approximately 6.5 lacs as per 2011 census, while the rural population of another 1 lac (approx) come under the Police Commissionerate.

The 9 police stations are divided into 3 Police Sub Divisions namely Frezarpura (comprising Frazarpura, Badnera and Nandgaon Peth Police Stations), Rajapeth (comprising Rajapeth, Kotwali and Kholapuri Gate Police Stations) and Gadge Nagar (comprising Gadge Nagar, Walgaon and Nagpuri Gate Police Stations). Apart from these 3 Executive units, we have the Crime Branch looking after Sensational Crimes, Economic Offences and Cyber Crimes, the Traffic branch basically concern with regulations of traffic in the city, the Special Branch looking after Intelligence collection and monitoring emergency situations and Law and Order problems, Bomb Detection and Disposal squads with the responsibility of detecting and defusing explosives. There are other miscellaneous units like finger prints units etc. basically providing support services to the Police units. The Police Head Quarters under the administrative control of the Reserve Police Inspector primarily looks after the miscellaneous duties like guard duties, Prisoner Escort, Riot Control Platoons, Quick Response Teams and maintains other reserves to be utilized in emergency situations.

The Amravati Police Commissioner is a Deputy Inspector General ranked officer designated as the Commissioner of Police who is assisted by Deputy Commissioner of Police Head Quarters (with supervision over Police Head Quarters, Crime Branch, Special Branch, and other branches of C.P. office), Deputy Commissioner Police Zone (1) (maintains supervision over Police Stations under the Frezarpura and Gadge Nagar Police Division) and Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone (2) (looking after Police Stations of Rajapeth Division and the Traffic Branch). The DCPs are assisted by various Assistant Commissioners of Police and there are a total of 7 sanctioned posts of ACPs in this unit. The total officers strength comprising Police Inspectors, Assistant Police Inspectors and Police Sub Inspectors come to a total of 129, while the Constabulary strength of this unit is 1745 as on date. In the last 5 years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of Constabulary after the landmark decision of the Government of sanctioning Eleven thousand posts every year for the Maharashtra Police. Several decorated officers have held the post of Commissioner of Police Amravati in the past and their names with tenure is as follows.

  • Shri Ramrao Ghadge 06/07/1998 to 29/10/1999
  • Shri Pankaj Gupta 30/10/1999 to 08/03/2000
  • Shri Prabhat Ranjan 09/03/2000 to 11/06/2001
  • Shri Ankush Dhanvijay 11/06/2001 to 09/10/2003
  • Shri Babasaheb Kangale 14/10/2003 to 05/06/2006
  • Shri Jagan Nath 05/08/2006 to 31/08/2009
  • Shri Amitesh Kumar 31/08/2009 to 26/06/2012
  • Shri Ajit Patil 26/06/2012 to 23/03/2014
  • Shri Dr. Suresh kumar 23/03/2014 to till date

With the setting up of the Police Commissionerate in the Amravati, the quality of urban policing in terms of quicker response, better supervision over Crime work, enforcement of Law etc. has drastically improved. Certain Magesterial powers which are otherwise vested in the District Magistrate gets transferred to the Officers of the Police Commissionerate. Some of the basic powers which gets transferred to the Police Commissioner and his subordinate Officers includes Powers of preventive actions under the Criminal Procedure Code and Bombay Police Act, Licensing powers under the Arms Act, Powers to issue eating house licenses, Performance licenses, Powers of Externment etc.

Amravati Police Commissionerate has been the ninth addition in the list of Police Commissionerates of Maharashtra, the previous ones being the Mumbai Police Commissionerate followed by Thane, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nasik, New Bombay and Solapur Police Commissionerates.

Various Police Officers and men working in the Amravati Police Commissionerate have put in dedicated service to improve the quality of policing and image of Police in the city. There has been outstanding works done in the past, some of which requires special mention. The outstanding work was done in detection of the sensational Khandelwal Jewellery Shop Dacoity with the arrest of 7 criminals and recovery of property worth more than 25 lacs within a short span of 10 days. The accused persons have been proceeded under the provisions of Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act and they are in jail since then. The Director General of Police was pleased to announce a reward of Rs. 60,000 to the police team which detected the offence. Another Outstanding detection was the Consignment High Jacking with double murder case of December 2010 which had created ripples in the minds of the people of the Amravati city was detected within 10 days with the arrest of 7 Inter State criminals based on extremely scientific investigation. 100% stolen property worth approximately Rs. 17 lacs was recovered. Besides these, several other offences have been detected based on extremely scientific and professional investigation.

The officers and men of Amravati City police have proved it that Law is supreme and anyone however big or small he may be, has to face similar action in case of violation of law.

Special mention needs to be given to the courage and dedication showed by Police Sub Inspector Shri. Sanjay Chandrakant Chougule who sacrificed his life for the cause of duty. This incidence although was a major blow to the Amravati police, but we have recovered from this tragedy and would continue our fight against the criminal elements with renewed courage and dedication.

I, on behalf of all officers and men of the Amravati police assure the members of the public that we are here to work in a transparent and honest manner to uphold the law and provide safety and security to one and all.