Hungry Shark Evolution Hacks And Cheats

hungry shark evolution hacks

One the very first pitch, you need to know Hungry Shark Evolution is a game that you play in a succession of sessions. You can initiate a gameplay session by pressing the ‘play’ button in the main menu.

You can also press ‘play’ button in the accessory shop or press the same in the top secret lab. These are the different menus on which the game thrives.

Each game session starts with the chosen shark arriving from an unknown location in the blue sky and into the deep waters. The general objective of the game session is to just survive as long as possible.

Earning fast rewards with hungry shark evolution cheats

In the middle of it, you need to earn as many points as possible.

  • You can accomplish it by locating, fighting and consuming the very fast variety and modality of creatures present all over the map. These creatures seat alls tuff from their mouth and devour anything near it.
  • It leads to an automatic attack by your chosen shark. The game area’s boundaries are at the far right and left of the main periphery.
  • The sea floor is situated right at the bottom of the core game area. It’s also present in a very high zone in the sky when it goes to the peak of the game-play area.

Perception and consumption

You can see these boundaries through using anyone of the three maps.

  • You can toggle them on or off after purchasing. You have the multipliers increasing when consume many creatures within a short period of time.
  • There are two multipliers in this regard. The uniform one for all sharks multiplies each point earned through 2, 4, 6 and 8x capacity.
  • Sharks also entail their own multipliers. Usually, the more powerful is your shark, the higher will be the multipliers.
  • They help in accomplishing one of the two primary game-play goals, which aims at achieving the highest affirmative and score possible.

The other things to do

In addition to surviving for extended durations and earning the highest score, you also have scores of side objectives in the game.

  • Each shark entails its own individual set of objectives, specific missions that you can complete after discovering their shells.
  • There are numerous shells scattered all across the game map. You’ve make sunken objects, which include various items that remain latent all throughout the game area.
  • Spotting these objects will get your generous rewards and coin bonuses.
  • However, you can always use the new hungry shark evolution hack to obtain unlimited coins and sharks that’ll sail you right through the levels.

The ultimate task

Finally, you have the mini games in the last segment. Generally, there’s a beach ball which you can toss with your shark’s nose with the aim of hitting the ball in an upward movement for five times consecutively. This happens without the ball touching the water or ground. Sometimes, the beach ball gets replaced with different other balls during particular special events of the real-world. For instance, beach ball becomes a soccer ball for some time to celebrate the football world cup. You can control movement in different game sessions by your virtual D-pad or you can calibrate the game for responding to the device’s tilting.


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