How Should Beginners Play Episode Choose Your Story?

episode choose your story tips

Episode Choose Your Story is the most interesting game, which is playing by thousands of players. The features are amazing and also can attract the game lovers.

In fact, it is considered as the best choice for the children and adults to pass their free time in a better way. The game contains several creative stories, and the players are supposed to complete these stories.

However, if we talk about the beginners, then they may face some issues in playing the game for playing better, it is necessary to have the proper information regarding the gameplay.

The concept is super amazing so if you want to play any game then pick the option of Episode Choose Your Story.

Accumulate the currency to spend more

As we all know that the currency is considered as the most important part of every game. Similarly, in this game, the currency plays a crucial role, which can’t be avoided by anyone. The players are required to collect the maximum currency because without this; they will not be able to play better. Here is the name of currencies –

  • Passes
  • Gems

Well, passes are the primary, and the gems are premium currency, and both are very important for better performance. With the help of these currencies, the player can take advantage of in-app items.

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A wide range of items are present, and these can be used in order to create an attractive story. In addition to this, such items are also helpful in the task of adding a few different types of impressive and fantastic items.

Important tips and tricks of Episode Choose Your Story

The beginners should always take help from the important tips and tricks in order to play well. While the game is easy to play, but it is also not possible to understand the core concept in one go. So, keep in mind some necessary episode hacks then play.

Here are few tips, which will definitely prove helpful –

  • Many events are organized, which are interesting, and players should participate in such events. By this, they will collect a lot of gifts, which will help in playing better.
  • If the player is just starting the game, then he/she should connect with Facebook. This is the simplest method of collecting the currency.
  • In order to unlock more resources and stories, the players should try to pay attention to reading stories. The premium stories can be unlocked by reading stories easily.
  • It has observed that the beginners use the currency without any plan or strategy. Always think properly before using the currency in any activity.

These are the most important episode choose your story cheats for the players, who are playing for the first time. With the help of this, they will not only understand the gameplay but also enhance the performance. At last, collect the maximum currency because the gems help in having a unique look to the avatar.

On the other hand, the passes are considered the best method for the task of unlocking the premium stories.

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